We were thrilled to participate at the WineaPAWlooza event benefiting the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch for the fourth year in a row. This year we had the pleasure of again hosting the pre-‘PAWlooza dinner at NINE SUNS. The evening highlighted JARR success stories and the animals came to thank the attendees themselves.


Ernestine leading guests to dinner. Not so long ago it wasn’t clear Ernestine would survive due to a life threatening infection . Thanks to JARR, Ernestine was able to receive life saving surgery and today she thrives.


Jason welcomes guests to the pre-dinner festivities.


The majestic Skylar Grey serenades attendees.


Crimson and her puppies came to tell their story. Thanks to JARR, she and her pups were rescued from horrific living conditions, treated for debilitating bone infections and eventually placed in loving homes.


Monica Stevens, JARR’s founder extraordinaire. We are truly inspired by Monica’s passion for rescuing, sheltering and saving animals.


Flora, attempting to recruit Ernestine and Tawny to the NINE SUNS team.

Please take a moment to check out and support the JARR mission and their important work in serving animals in need.