Agriculture is the largest consumer of Earth’s available freshwater, withdrawing 70% of groundwater and watercourses for irrigation – three times more than 50 years ago, according to In light of California’s historic drought, we’d like to highlight the significant work of Canadian artist, Edward Burtynsky. From the artist’s statement on his website, Burtynsky captures “nature transformed through industry,” where “our dependence on nature to provide the materials for our consumption and our concern for the health of our planet sets us into an uneasy contradiction.”


Interior design of the NINE SUNS tasting room centers around a 2010 photograph from Burtynsky’s Water Series, titled “Dryland Farming #24.” Initial focus was on the work’s relevant content, plus the rich detail and incredible depth of the print. Ultimately, the work was placed on axis with the north end of the tasting table, as a provocative counterpoint opposite the expansive vineyard view to the south.


 Few documentary films continue to resonate in my day-to-day experience. WATERMARK – made by Burtysnky and Jennifer Baichwal – is one that vividly resides in the mind, both in image and also in message. On your next visit to NINE SUNS, we invite you to engage in a conversation inspired by these works.