Found within the cave, the wine library will display historical NINE SUNS vintages, among other special collection wines. The shelving design addressed both functional and aesthetic program requirements, from showcasing a variety of bottles sizes, to integrating lighting, to addressing proper air circulation. The wine library ambiance emphasizes a subterranean experience and the mystical aspects of winemaking through time and space.

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Concept drawing by Signum Architecture


Rodney Macomber (right), assisted by Paul Trauman, realized the challenging curved walnut shelving design with stunning craftsmanship and care for precision detailing.


The shelves were unitized to negotiate the cave shape, curving in two directions – or as architects say, in plan and section.


Shelves were fabricated at Rodney’s shop, then brought to the site for finishing and installation.


Fine-tuning joint alignment of the curved units.


Stay tuned – feature lighting for this space, currently in fabrication, will complement the craftsmanship and special wines to be stored here.